Automotive Thüringen e.V. cluster meeting

On 16 May 2012, Vision & Control hosted the third cluster meeting of Automotive Thüringen e.V., an interest group for strengthening Thuringian automobile suppliers. The group currently has 113 members and generates an annual turnover of over 4 billion euros. Many of the members in the field of plastics technology accepted the invitation.

As a key supplier for the automotive industry, plastics processing plays an important role, especially in relation to quality and dimensional accuracy. The talks that made up the four-hour programme provided valuable motivation in this regard. Numerous ways of visually inspecting plastic components and the associated use of image processing were presented and discussed. The guest talk on the ‘Visual inspection of plastic components’ by the Vision Academy was a central part of the event and extremely well received.

During and after the event, there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions, exchange experiences and discuss tasks. The plastics processing companies at the event all came to the same conclusion: image processing and automation have become an integral part of the production process and will become ever more important for achieving the necessary quality to survive in global markets.