Further education and strategy workshop in Eyba

At Vision & Control, the new year is time to look forward, determine our direction and lay down our goals and strategies.

The Vision & Control management team made use of the fresh air of the new year and met on 13 and 14 January at the Schlosshotel Eyba, a hotel and conference centre near Saalfeld, to conduct its management meeting and training.

The central theme of the first day was how systematic perspective and behaviour positively influence management tasks and operational processes. The second day was dedicated to calibrating the company goals for 2011.

In hindsight Vision & Control has come out of the crisis stronger. With a view towards the future, the challenge was to determine tasks and develop strategies. Analyses, forecasts and opinions were collected, discussed, sorted and expanded upon in order to eventually round things off. The team's hard-working brains were only cooled by the fresh weather, cold drinks and the chill breath of the castle ghosts that slipped by.

In short, it became crystal clear that the event served a particular goal: striving to achieve the best possible service for our customers!