Optics and lighting solutions workshop

With the "Optics and Lighting Solution Workshop", Vision & Control offers all those searching for solutions the possibility to present their tasks to experts and be able to take their specific solution straight home with them.

Joint event with the Vision Academy on 10.02.2011 in Erfurt

The problem is well known: an image processing task appears to be solvable, but the optical and lighting configuration presents a challenge.

Component suppliers Vision & Control and expertise service provider Vision Academy have tackled the issue together. For the first time, they are offering a one-day workshop on 10.02.2011 in Erfurt, during which participants will be advised on their specific tasks. The event is suitable for all those who wish to find solutions for their tasks themselves and require impetus and advice to this end.

Take your completed solution home

Bring your test object and your task definition with you! You will learn the tricks of the trade! Engineers with years of experience provide individualised advice as part of a workshop. You can discuss and test your specific solution on the test object at several test stations. You can also take your solution home in the form of test images, recommendations for the necessary components, their spatial configuration and special conditions for purchase. Furthermore, the workshop includes documentation on training, products and application know-how.