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This website is designed to help you get a better overview of the vicosys® multi-camera systems from Vision & Control.

Why choose a vision system with multiple cameras?

The vicosys® concept for vision systems is perfect if you…


… require particularly fast processing speeds

… wish to use multiple cameras simultaneously

… use special matrix cameras, line scan cameras and thermal imaging cameras

… wish to remain flexible in terms of camera models and suppliers

… require high resolution

… require a direct fieldbus connection

Vision systems in the vicosys® series are not the right choise if you…


… only want to solve a simple task with just one camera

… wish to combine many independent, simultaneous inspection tasks in a single system

Industrial image processing systems offer industry/application-specific solutions on the basis of digital image processing systems for continuous monitoring and quality control of production processes. With digital image processing systems the quality and productivity of your applications can be efficiently designed and optimized.

vicosys® overview of multi camera systems

The vicosys® family - image processing with Intel's power - compactly, robustly and flexible


  • High-performance image processing with robust embedded PCs for rail or wall mounting.
  • More than 300 camera types from different manufacturers can be combined as desired: area and line scan cameras, monochrome and color cameras, CCD and CMOS cameras as well as thermal imagers
  • Configurable webHMI as end customer interface
  • The range of functions and the operating concept is compatible with the intelligent cameras of the pictor® family - once familiar, equipped for all tasks!


A really important feature of the components and systems for industrial image processing from Vision & Control is that they are incredibly easy to operate, quick to integrate and are supplied with excellent documentation, which means that customers will require very little in the way of service and support.
But if there are ever any questions, our experienced project engineers are on hand to offer advice and practical guidance to users.
In addition, Vision & Control is continuously expanding the number of competence centers for industrial image processing.
We have created a comprehensive offering of industrial image processing training courses for initial and further training of employees in the industry, including various video tutorials, example programs and a simulator.


Which is the right camera for my application?

The integrated LAN card with four independent GigE ports allows direct connection of cameras with the GigE Vision standard. More than 300 camera types from different manufactures can be freely combined: Surface and line scan cameras, monochrome and color cameras, CCD, and CMOS cameras as well as NIR and thermal imaging cameras.

Flir BlackFly S series


The BlackFly S is suitable for classic image processing tasks in the visual spectrum at low to medium resolution.
This camera is extremely popular thanks to its attractive pricing. In comparison to other camera suppliers, the number of available cameras is comparatively small. 
The cameras in the BlackFly S series are the most compact cameras that are officially supported by Vision & Control. All cameras feature POE.


Resolution variants 14
Resolution range WideVGA - 20.5MP
Sensor type Monochrome and colour
NIR variants Not available
Preferred sensor type Sony Pregius
Exceptions 1.3MP Sensor with CMOSIS
Fastest camera 720 x 540 at 291fps
Image recording mode Global Shutter


IMPORTANT: At present, the polarized camera included in this series of cameras is not yet officially supported by the vicosys® system. 

Matrix Vision mvBlueCougar series

The mvBlueCougar series includes cameras for the visible spectrum and for the NIR spectrum.
It is a remarkably diverse range of cameras.  One special feature is that many cameras can also be ordered as an IP67 variant (-XG).
This makes the series particularly well suited to a range of special applications (IR, light-sensitive, high dynamic range, ... ).
Most cameras are available as POE variants.


Resolution variants 26
Resolution range WideVGA - 20.5MP
Sensor type Monochrome and colour
NIR variants 1.3MP
Preferred sensor type Sony Pregius, Sony Starvis, Aptina, CMOSIS, e2V
Fastest camera 728 x 544 at 299.8 fps
Image recording mode Depending on model:Global Shutter and Rolling Shutter


IMPORTANT: At present, the polarized camera included in this series of cameras is not yet officially supported by the vicosys® system. 

AVT Mako series

The Mako series is a small and cost-effective selection that serves as a good alternative to the FLIR BlackFly S cameras. These cameras are highly compact, and all of the cameras in the series feature POE.


Resolution varaints 12
Resolution range WideVGA - 5MP
Sensor type Monochrome and colour
NIR variants 2.2MP and 4.2MP
Preferred sensor type Sony Pregius, ON SEMI, CMOSIS, Teledyne
Fastest camera 728 x 544 at 299.8 fps
Image recording mode Global Shutter 

AVT Manta series

The AVT Manta series is another standard camera series from Allied Vision Technology (AVT). It offers additional technical features over the AVT Mako series that are not utilized in the vicosys vision system. If the required sensor is available in the Mako series, we therefore recommend always choosing the camera from the Mako series because of the price advantage. The sizes of the Mako series are also slightly larger.


Resolution variants 12
Resolution range WideVGA - 12.4MP
Sensor type Monochrome and colour
NIR variants 1.4MP and 2.1MP
Preferred sensor type Sony Pregius
Exceptions NIR cameras have CMOSIS sensors
Fastest camera 728 x 544 at 299.8 fps
Image recording mode Global Shutter 

AVT Prosilica series

The Prosilica GT series includes high-end cameras from the manufacturer Allied Vision Technology in the visible and NIR spectra. This series is used for applications that demand particularly high resolution.


Resolution variants 17
Resolution range 1.2MP - 31.4MP
Sensor type Monochrome and colour
NIR variants 2.2MP, 4.2MP, 12.5MP, 26.2MP
Preferred sensor type Sony Pregius, ON SEMI, CMOSIS
Fastest camera 2048 x 1088 at 54 fps
Image recording mode Global Shutter 

Flir Ax5 series

The FLIR Ax5 series is a range of thermal imaging cameras. These are used to visualize temperature differences. 
They can be operated via POE directly from the vicosys camera interface card. 


Resolution variants 2
Resolution range 320x256,  640x512
Sensor type Microbolometer
Temperature range -25°C to 135°C or -40°C to 550°C  (selectable)
Optics integrated


Basler raL series

The raL series from Basler is a range of line scan cameras. These are the perfect choice for continuous material (web fabrics) or for applications with very high resolutions.


Resolution variants 5
Resolution range 2k - 12k
Sensor type Monochrome
Fastest camera 2048 to 51kHz


Basler MED ace series

The Basler MED ace camera series is the first product line that has been specially developed for applications in medicine, medical technology, and life sciences. All models offer the best available CMOS sensor technology and the Basler MED feature sets, which combine powerful hardware, firmware, and software functions. In order to meet the high quality expectations in the Medical & Life Sciences market, Basler has also adapted its Quality Management System accordingly. Basler MED ace cameras are manufactured, sold, and supported in accordance with ISO 13485:2016. 


 In this series, we support the Basler MED ace 5.3 MP 20 mono with 5 MP (2590 px x 2048 ) in black & white and in colour.

Fast communication via integrated PROFINET interface

If the vicosys® system is ordered together with a Hilscher CIFX 50E-RE then you will receive a certified PROFINET device.

Easy networking of nodes with certified PROFINET (CLASS B)

The simple networking topology of PROFINET (ring and line) and many other fieldbuses guarantees a straightforward and reliable layout for plant and machine networks. The use of standard patch cables for PROFINET simplifies the installation.


Simple integration of the systems in SIEMENS SPS S7

The image processing system is integrated as a PROFINET IO device in the controller. Via the network, the controller can trigger image acquisitions of the systems, switch inspection tasks, and read/write process data. The standardized description files in GSD format support simple integration of the image processing systems in the plant control.


Robust and proven

PROFINET is an inexpensive and robust form of fieldbus technology that has successfully proved itself over a long period of time. It is supported by our vision systems.

Fieldbus integration for ETHERCAT, PROFIBUS and others

We offer gateways for connection of pictor® and vicosys® to all standard fieldbuses.


...For serial bus, field bus or real-time Ethernet we recommend the
gateways netTAP50 and netTAP100 from Hilscher
 …For transmission of measured values and parameters to the
controller or to other fieldbuses
 …Profibus to Ethernet
 …Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Powerlink, Modbus TCP,
Sercos to EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP

Industry-capable integrated digital inputs and outputs

With flexible plug-in cards, the system can be upgraded to 16 inputs and 16 outputs and thus offers the industry standard (24V) in terms of direct connectivity for photoelectric barriers and PLC systems.

Digital I/O card ADDI DATA

  • 16 digital inputs, 24 V or 12 V
  • 16 digital outputs, 10 V ... 36 V, 500 mA/channel
  • Output driver Open Emitter (PNP)
  • Galvanically isolated, 1000 VRMS

Digital I/O card ADLINK

  • 16 digital inputs, 0 V... 24 V (non-polarity)
  • 16 digital outputs, 5 V ... 35 V, 500 mA/channel
  • Output driver Open Collector (NPN)
  • Galvanically isolated, 2500 VRMS

Available interfaces

Communication interfaces   1 x Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit LAN
    1 x Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit direct connection or camera interface without POE
    1 x USB 3.0, 
    3 x USB 2.0
Process interface   1 x RS232 process communication / data transfer
    1 x RS232 Keypad
Camera interface   4 x GigE-Vision onboard with POE
Onboard process interface   Onboard digital I/O, 4 IN, 4 OUT, PNP


Mechanical data

The housing for the vicosys® multi-camera system is identical for all models.

Further accessories


  • Pre-configured enclosures for cameras and pictor®M
  • Up to IP 68: Protection against dust and wet
  • V4A non-rusting protective enclosure for the food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Heating and cooling elements for ambient temperatures
  • from -40°C to 110°C
  • Wind curtain to keep the front screen clean even in dusty environments


Special cables

  • Cables suitable for robots and drag chains
  • For many movement cycles, high speeds, and acceleration, as well as for use in challenging environments
  • Individual lengths
  • EMC-proof, compliant with the relevant guidelines and directives
  • Fiberglass



Switching power supplies

  • For pictor® and vicosys®
  • Wide-range input voltage
  • Passive, fanless convection cooling
  • Protection against short-circuits / overload / overvoltage / overtemperature
  • For DIN rail TS35/7.5 or 15
  • Optimum voltage supply for pictor® and vicosys®



Typical applications for vicosys®

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