Measure optically

Positions, angles, distances

There will be a lot of light

Precise measurement of IR reflection layers

High-quality halogen lamps are coated with semi-transparent IR mirrors – and image processing systems are used to check their exact positioning.




In order to improve efficiency, one or more infrared-reflecting layers are applied to H7 halogen lamps for car headlamps. Accurate positioning and precise alignment of the reflective layers play a pivotal role here.

The images are supplied by the telecentric measurement lens vicotar® T151/0.26L. Thanks to its parallel optical path on the object side, this optical system depicts objects with no distortion of perspective. As a result, slight fluctuations in the positioning of the test object have no impact on the measurement result. The light required for shining through the object is provided by the diffuse surface luminaire FDL06-R633/C.

Thanks to the graphical parametrization software vcwin, it is a matter of moments to put together the test sequence. With the aid of the function STRAIGHT PROBING the test program first detects the edges of the glass and then, from this, it detects the layer transitions in the next step. By combining the found edges, it is possible to calculate a vector that accurately defines the position and alignment of the vapor-deposited layers. This ensures that only perfect H7 lamps leave production.





Used Components:

  • pictor® M58/E with vcwin® 
  • vicolux® FDL06-R/C
  • Telecentrical lenses vicotar®T151/026 L

Customer / System Partner:


Hot potato

The geometry of the chain ensures that always parts of a chain link are covered by the preceding and the subsequent chain link.




A big challenge by the production of metal chains is the concealment. The geometry of a chain results always in covering following and previous chain links. So, most production relevant distances cannot be seen directly. Nowadays, the most common solution is a mechanical test with a gauge offsite.

Our integrators created an innovative solution to solve the concealment problem and created a new 100% inspection by an automatic optical inspection system.

The aim of the project was to develop an inline test device capable of real-time contactless testing of chain links with full test coverage. Using a contactless inline procedure, the image processing system allows for complete test coverage in the production cycle. Without having to stop production for even a fraction of a second, the system measures the chain links optically and determines with the help of a special algorithm whether the tested objects fulfil the criteria.



    Industrie - Metalworking


Used Components:

  • vicosys® Multi camera system with vcwin® 
  • vicolux® External backlights
  • Telecentrical lenses vicotar®

Customer / System Partner:

    Röttgers Ketten

Edge-break: control and measurement

100% quality control using highly accurate, robust and fast measuring


Wafer-form defined lighting guarantees optimum illumination of the edge. Telecentric measurement systems allow for high precision with regard to the edge-break control (up to 60 µm x 60 µm) and combined measurement tasks. Due to their special imaging concept they can stand up to displacement and changes in height.



    Solar technology


Components used:

  • pictor® intelligent camera
  • vicotar® telecentric lens
  • vicolux® Backlight area light

Customer / System partner:

    Buchanan Systems

Adjustment system

The most technologically demanding production step: High-precision joining of light source module and precision LED grid module


The lighting and electronics specialist HELLA has developed a new LED matrix headlight that adapts its light distribution to the respective traffic, weather and road conditions. The heart of this headlight consists of a light source module with a three-line matrix of 84 separately controllable LEDs and a special primary optics with 90 silicone light guides. Decisive for the efficiency of the headlight is the exact joining of both components, which must match with an accuracy of ± 0.1 millimeters. The Ilmenau company MRB Automation GmbH uses image processing systems from Vision & Control for this process in their alignment machines.



    Automotive supply industry

Components used:

  • Vision Systems pictor® and vicosys®
  • vicolux® Ring light
  • vicotar® Lenses

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It´s so green

Seed control reduces crop losses


In industrial plant cultivation, as in any automated production process, reject rates are the measure by which cultivation success is measured.

In order not to lose any space in the field or to spread too small and young plants which would not survive, the seedlings are constantly monitored and measured during cultivation.

For this purpose, the seedlings are preferred in large trays to approx. 100 plants from seed to small plant.

These trays pass through an automatic testing machine at regular intervals, which is equipped with Vision & Control systems, cameras and lighting.

First the tray is identified by a barcode.

The tray is then automatically positioned and completely captured from different angles by one or more cameras.

The vcwin software in the IPC vicosys® now evaluates the images and determines the individual leaf and plant sizes. Only trays with large and sufficiently trained plants are prepared for delivery.

Leaves hanging over the cells can also be detected and identified.

In order to provide 100% quality for planting, the complete inspection with colour cameras is carried out in order to detect and sort out discolorations.




Components used:

  • vicosys® Multi camera system
  • vcwin®-Operating software
  • 4 x FLIR Blackfly GigE Cameras
  • 4 x vicolux® 600mm smart light bar lights in flash mode with lighting controller

Customer / System partner:

    Eidecon vision solutions