Shape, color, plain text, OCR, codes

A healthy splash of colour!

Remit: Vital 100% quality control using correct colour control and sorting.


In medical technology in particular, the correct choice of colour is in many cases of decisive, even vital importance.

Colour channel/colour contrast regulation is therefore essential in achieving 100% quality control in industrial image processing and in the cameras, lighting and optical components used.

With the help of various colour differentiation algorithms and the universal flexible vcwin® operating software, pictor® series smart cameras and also vicosys® series multi camera systems can determine these colour qualities and subsequent sorting can be conducted using various communications and control protocols.



    Printing industry, Medical technology


Components used:

  • pictor® Intelligent camera
  • vicosys® Multi camera system
  • vcwin®-Operating software

Customer / System partner:

    Eidecon vision solutions



Multicode Vision System

The task: Integration of a camera system with area lighting and controller into the customer's packaging machine.


Up to 450 serialized DMC and Code 128 ("Chinacode") are to be read on folding boxes. The folding boxes were packed in several layers in one outer carton. The packaging is done manually as well as automatically. A 100% check is required due to traceability and compliance with the anti-counterfeiting directive.

The DMC module size ranged from 0.42 to 0.5mm for inkjet printing and 0.4 to 0.5mm for laser marking.

The vicosys® multi-camera system from Vision & Control proved to be the ideal solution in conjunction with lighting and flash controllers.

A special camera with focus motor was used to compensate the working distance of more than one meter at different layer heights. Since the material of the boxes is reflective, line lights were selected and arranged as indirect lights.



    Packaging industry

Components used:

  • vicosys® 5400 Multi camera system
  • 1 x Camera Prosilica GT-6600 with 28,8 MPx
  • 1 x lens Nikon 55/2,8
  • vcwin® image processing library
  • 2 x vicolux® bar light L-CLR-10x330-W
  • Controller DLC3005

Flying 2D codes

Registration of honey bees from a single colony and creation of individual movement profiles; identification of the respective data matrix code.


As part of a project with the University of Würzburg BEEgroup, pictor® M16xxE series intelligent cameras by Vision & Control GmbH and modified by EIDECON vision solutions GmbH are being used to register honey bees from a single colony and create individual movement profiles.



    Observing nature

Components used:

  • pictor® Intelligent camera mit vcwin®  Data matrix code identification command
  • External incident lighting
  • Entocentric inspection lens

Customer / System partner:

    EIDECON vision solutions GmbH

Life insurance

Character recognition on pacemakers

Decisive progress could be made in the quality assurance of pacemakers and defibrillators.


Decisive progress could be made in the quality assurance of pacemakers and defibrillators with the help of perfectly tuned image processing components. Precise specifications and measurement values can be assigned to every pacemaker using components in the production clean room.

Defibrillators and pacemakers are provided with serial numbers after the electronics are placed in stainless-steel housing. During final inspection of electrical and software parameters, the serial number is the only indicator for the integrated, customised electronics (the program code is in the serial number).

The test objects are fed-in manually.

100% testing using a suitable image processing system is intended to differentiate between 40 character sets. The characters (serial number) are applied to stainless steel by laser.

Permissible character deviation: +/- 2 degrees



   Medical technology

Components used:

  • pictor®  Intelligent camera, (command „OCR recognition“ by vcwin® software)
  • vicolux®  radial dark field ring light
  • Entocentric inspection lens