22.01.2013 Infrared cameras test packaging for invisible tears

With or without tomatoes, limp lettuce is simply unappetising. To keep food fresh, food suppliers rely on suitable packaging containers. These containers must not have any defects – not even hidden ones. The technology used to...[more]

06.11.2012 Example of lighting solution for quality assurance

The best possible solution for an image processing task depends entirely on choosing the right light, because this is what decides the quality of the image capture and the precision of the image evaluation.[more]

15.01.2013 A systematic kit – image processing modules for mechanical engineers

A technically adept TV hero needs nothing more than a biro, some chewing gum and a penknife to make a machine work, but in real life, things are somewhat different. Meticulous work goes into making sure that one part works with...[more]

28.06.2012 Image processing service desert? Or image processing service oasis! – what customers want from service providers

Service often times leaves something to be desired – unfortunately we have all experienced this before. When it is a matter of quality in industrial production, service provision must function exactly and reliably. Even in image...[more]

28.06.2012 Road status report via smart camera

When establishing the positions for potholes, manhole covers and traffic signs, measurement vehicles must provide their exact position. To this end smart cameras recognise road side markings, measure the distance of the vehicle...[more]

28.06.2012 Testing symbols with certainty: how mechatronics manufacturers guarantee quality

The benchmark is high for the quality and functionality of motor vehicle control systems. As well as the reliability of electrical and mechanical parameters, correct positioning and uniform laser engraving of the buttons play an...[more]

28.06.2012 Shining bright

The fact that lighting is a fundamental component of image processing solutions is common knowledge. However, you only recognise the actual importance when you have to deal with the quality control of shiny, highly reflective and...[more]

28.06.2012 Pixel highway

Move large amounts of data effectively using a combination of CameraLink and PCI Express. [more]

28.06.2012 Part 2: Back light illumination concept

The right lighting – precondition for reliable and precise recognition[more]

28.06.2012 Telecentric errors and their effects on measurement accuracy

The image processing software can only analyse what the camera sees. The properties and advantages of telecentric imaging and its importance in solving tasks in industrial image processing are addressed in the presentation.[more]

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