Colour measuring

in RGB und HSI

Coloured glass

White bottles, green bottles, brown bottles, blue bottles...faulty bottles -> colour check on glass bottles


In the glass industry, many bottles are produced in large quantities. There are situations in which the defects are detected but cannot be sorted out automatically due to the structural situation.

In this case our end customers have thought about a marking system with red colour. Bad bottles are not immediately sorted out but marked.

So the bottle can be sorted out afterwards in a favorable place by a simple system. And should this be deactivated, the sorting step can take place during manual packaging.

For the automatic sorting out of these marked bottles, it was necessary to recognize the red marking on the various bottle types. A cost-effective and easily adjustable system was required. The product portfolio is strongly changing.

Cost-efficient and user-friendly, the webHMI was placed directly in the user interface of the SIEMENS panel next to the setting parameters. A separate monitor, Windows PC or more was saved.

Since there are four bottle colours and the bottles are produced in many different heights, the machine operator can enter the appropriate exposure time and ejection threshold directly into the panel. The first equipment was the MAKO cameras from Allied Vision Technologies (AVT), which were available at the time. Subsequently the equipment was changed to the BlackFly S cameras from PointGrey.

Since the customer was very satisfied, the solution was also reordered for follow-up lines.



    Glass industry

Components used:

  • vicosys® 5400Multi camera system with 4x PoE and webHMI
  • vcwin®-Operating software
  • 1x Point Grey - Camera for color surveillance

Customer / System partner:

    Heinz Glas AG / Helm + Kolbe

Come clean

Is it the right colour?
Do the applied layers have a certain thickness?


Colour control inspects whether a solar cell area has a special colour. This can determine whether the applied layers are of a certain thickness.

Optimum layer thickness can be reliably determined using a robust image processing solution, even when there are changes in position and height. This improves quality and reduces the costs for subsequent work.

Using the HSI colour space even guarantees a comparison of colour tone despite fluctuations in brightness.


Sector:    Solar technology
Components used 
  • pictor®  Intelligent camera with vcwin®command for Data-Matrix Code Identification
  • External incident light
  • Entocentric inspection lens
Customer / System partner:    Buchanan Systems