Solar & Photovoltaic

Increased efficiency for wafer and thin film technology.

The solar and photovoltaic sector aims for a high level of automation and continuous optimisation of efficiency and costs.

Our components help increase efficiency in the field of image processing – from production to continuous improvement in the quality of optical control and machine control precision. Whether wafers, cells or thin film substrate, crystal growing or module production, front-end or back-end – our systems can monitor and control virtually any process step.

The modular component system enables the adaptation of all image processing components and low-cost types in series. Wavelengths of up to 1,300 nm guarantee high-precision inspection of microcracks. Extremely bright lights, small spot lights and bar lights allow for precise tracking during the structuring process.

Using modular concepts, our components allow:

  • Quick development of specially adapted components
  • Quick adaptation, modification, retrofitting and refitting
  • Use in stand-alone machines or complete production lines
  • Recognition and classification of faults and fault characteristics
  • Networking and database connection
  • Automated handling and process control
  • Remote maintenance

Choise of application areas

Wafer technology

  • Silicon substrate production
    • Drawing process monitoring
  • Wafer production
    • Dirt, saw groove and scratch inspection
  • Cell production
    • Microcrack inspection
    • Edge-break control
    • Front and back print control
    • Colour monitoring
    • Finger Inspection
  • Module production
    • Position determination
    • String process monitoring

Thin film technology

  • Front-end
    • Interface control
    • Tracking
  • Back-end
    • Contact control
    • Position determination