Packing & Filling

High-End components for more reliability in the packing process.

Independent of material and form, our systems inspire the packing sector and the corresponding primary and secondary packing.
Whether film, cans, glasses, bottles, ampules, cartons, trays or palettes – our components optimise the production process and also enable products to be traced, an important feature in the food and drink industry, pharmaceutical products and in the field of cosmetics.

Our components allow


  • Short changeover times
  • User level for on-the-fly operation including tolerance editing
  • Networking and database connection
  • Measurement statistics, including image saving for proof of quality
  • Remote maintenance

Choice of application areas

  • Packaging control as regards size, shape, damage, position, contamination and foreign bodies
  • Control of packaged goods as regards shape, size, breakages, position, location and colour
  • Level control
  • Completeness control
  • Location of packaged goods in the packing facility
  • Closure control
  • Label and print control
  • Palletisation
  • Traceability