Assembly & Handling

Image processing for increased added value in dynamic processes

It is impossible to imagine assembly and handling technology without image processing. It allows dynamic processes to be created and material flows and logistics to be optimised. Whether in the automotive, production or robotics sectors, our components ensure perfect positioning and optimum component feed. Special protocols enable communication with nearly all types of robots. Image processing also enables on-the-fly control in real-time, which can be used to increase throughput.

Our components guarantee

  • Highly accurate positioning and pick & place
  • Simple integration due to miniature design
  • Precise inspection of the entire image using low-distortion lenses
  • Zero-error functioning in changing environmental conditions
  • Quick re-parameterisation and rapid conversion for new parts
  • Automated handling and process control
  • Quick frequency up to 240 parts/second

Choice of application areas

  • Palletisation and depalletisation
    • Traceability
  • Conveyor monitoring
    • Adhesive bead control
    • Welded joint control
  • Completeness control
    • Presence of production goods control
    • Assembly and processing control
  • Position control
    • Position and rotation recognition
    • Forwarding location information directly to machines or robot control units