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Remit: Completeness control as well as contour and silhouette recognition in the production of lollipops

In a food & drink enterprise, lollipops must be inspected for the following properties after production:

  • Completeness: i.e. whether the required number of mints is contained in the transparent stick
  • Presence of chips, tears or air bubbles, which can lead to injury when sucking.
  • Lollipops that do not meet the high quality standard must be detected and rejected. The high frequency of 10 lollipops per second means that manual control is no longer possible. At the same time, specific food and drink industry requirements must be taken into account when solving the task. All machines must be realised in stainless steel without sharp edges or recesses and must have proven IP67-level protection.


Sector: Food & drink

Components used:
2 pictor® intelligent cameras
Camera 1 controls whether there are 2 SMINT mints in the stick, whether the stick is correctly inserted into the lollipop and whether there is a cap
Camera 2 controls whether the stick is torn or has been broken by the feeder
vicolux® Diffuse area lighting
Entocentric inspection lens