Quick retrieval through exact positioning

Remit: Palletisation/commissioning medical nutrition and infusion products.   When various products are assembled together, a gantry robot takes cartons from the pallets. After the removal position is specified to the gantry robot, it travels to the assigned pallet. The precise positioning that this entails (cartons that have slipped or turned) is to be assumed by the image processing system. Various carton edges and highly reflective adhesive strips are to be taken into account.

Carton sorting – placing on conveyor

Communication with the robot control unit is to take place via the RS-232 interface and digital I/O signals. The gantry robot's approx. 100 m-long trailing cable makes RS-232/TTY conversion necessary.

The communicated position of the carton corner is to be transmitted in series as an x,y value and sent to the robot control unit using the 3964R protocol. After positioning has been corrected and another control conducted using image processing, the carton is to be picked up by a vacuum grip and placed on the nearby conveyor. It is then taken to its new position.

A specially produced justification and calibration unit, which can be fixed to the gantry robot, serves to configure the image processing system.


Sector: Packing & filling/Robotics & handling

Components used:
pictor® intelligent camera
vicolux® incident light area lighting with camera view
Entocentric inspection lens