Bar lights

LDL14x125-R625/UDC/-a (order number 1-34-140)


  • LED bar light, diffuse illumination
  • Homogeneous illumination
  • Lightning Parameters adjustable via controller (accessories)
  • Connection cable with M8 connector, cable outlet left
  • Alternative: cable outlet right (Order no. 1-34-340)
  • Metal casing, optical material: PMMA
  • Multiple mounting options
Technical Data
Luminous field 14 mm x 125 mm
Light colour Red, 625 nm, diffuse
Beam angle 120 °
Special feature Flashable with flash controller
Degree of protection IP50
Safety class III, operation on protective low voltage
Risk group Exempt
Ambient temperature 0 °C to + 40 °C
Housing material Aluminium black anodised
Weight 56 g
Continuous operation
Power consumtion max. 2,5 W
Radiance 145 W/(m²sr)
Flash mode
Power consumtion max. 2,5 W
Radiance 870 W/(m²sr)
accessories order number
wedge clamp LxL14 series 1-16-827
Technical Drawings
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