Modern Web-Browser

All HMI systems that integrate an up to date browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 or Mozilla Firefox are supported.

"Thinclients" can call the website directly in the system browser. These systems carry a computer directly at the back of the monitor. Our reference system is the "Thinclient IGEL W7+".


  • Visualization without PLC
  • Defect images can be saved directly on the system
  • Touchscreen
  • VCWin can be installed in parallel
  • Current black out safety made by write protection filter
  • Windows 7 operating system

Following can be visualized:

  • Live measurement data and images
  • Last defect images
  • Live images
  • Images of independent machine vision systems


Multiple stations in a in one website or multiple images of one system at same time.

User can select the displayed image

Switch Off Overlay On and Off

Remote Access:

'Single Request' allows the single request of image pages to pass with limited internet speed