Product news

06.10.2017 vicotar® lenses vicotar® from Vision & Control

Latest-generation telecentric lenses [more]

06.10.2017 pictor® N series with web interface vicotar® from Vision & Control

Setting new standards for intelligent cameras in industrial image processing[more]

15.12.2016 vicolux® Ring lights vicolux® from Vision & Control

New ring ligths with vicolux® smart ligth technology[more]

16.09.2016 New vicolux® DLC3005 Lighting Controller vicolux® from Vision & Control

The days are gone when a lighting controller was used merely for brightness adjustment. The latest word in lighting is vicolux® smart light.[more]

15.06.2016 vicolux® dome lighting vicolux® from Vision & Control

New dome lighting with vicolux® smart light technology[more]

25.04.2016 New flashable bar lighting

Flashable bar lighting reduces the number of product variants[more]

14.10.2015 Faster, More Robust And Cheaper: New Generation Of vicosys® Multi-Camera Systems vicosys® from Vision & Control

The latest generation of multi-camera systems from Vision & Control is something to behold: it is twice as fast as the predecessor generation. The hardware platform, a robust, energy-saving embedded PC, comes with an Intel Atom...[more]

14.09.2015 Free Image Processing Tool

vcwin User Interface With Extensive New Features[more]

22.04.2015 Flashable lighting in the portfolio

Until market introduction of our new vicolux® smart lights, all vicolux UDC lighting can be operated with our new digital lighting controller. You will find flashable UCD lighting in nearly all lighting categories including...[more]

01.12.2014 New generation of smart LED lighting systems

A new generation of smart LED lighting systems has been developed by Vision & Control with the promise of optimum luminous efficiency, high light intensity, high lighting parameter stability and adaptive overload protection....[more]

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