New flashable bar lighting

Flashable bar lighting reduces the number of product variants

vicolux® Barlight

The latest series of flashable bar lighting adds a new class to the Vision & Control lighting portfolio.

It expands the range of 7 mm and 14 mm bar lighting and was developed specifically for operation with a general purpose external current source (control unit). The product range can be used in conjunction with the vicolux® DLC 3005 as well as with commercially available lighting controllers made by other manufacturers. All of the products in the series are highly versatile and can be operated in continuous mode or flash mode. Among other things, this reduces the range of variants which need to be kept on hand. This has benefits for our customers as well, because it reduces their investment and inventory costs.

The lighting design has been optimized to meet the needs of machine vision applications. The products come with an M8 cable connector and are available in widths of 7 and 14 mm, in lengths between 25 mm and 250 mm and in the standard white, red, blue and IR colors. The direct, diffuse and lenticular versions are ideally suited for incident and transmitted lighting applications.

The physical design is compatible with our existing, highly dependable 7 and 14 mm vicolux® lighting. As a result, the products can easily be integrated into existing systems or systems that have already completed the design phase.

The Product Locator which was recently added to the Vision & Control website helps you quickly find exactly what you are looking for. The code "UDC" appended to the product name makes the items easy to recognize. This code essentially tells you that, in combination with a controller, the item is suitable for general use.