25.07.2013 New bar lights for area and line camera applications

Vision & Control is expanding its vicolux® product family to include diffuse bar lights in the LDLF30 and LDLF60 series, which can be used for industrial applications including determining the position of chocolates on...[more]

03.06.2013 Pick & place jobs implemented with pictor®

The intelligent cameras in the new pictor® T-series are designed for flexible use as an industrial machine vision system and are easy to implement. The pictor® communicates with the machine's control unit in real time via an...[more]

03.06.2013 New area lights for space-saving lighting solutions

Vision & Control is expanding its vicolux® product range to include the lighting series DL30x60, AL30x60, DL30x90 and AL30x90. The new highly-efficient lights with directed and diffuse lighting direction and luminous fields...[more]

15.05.2013 Communications capacity of vision systems extended

New protocol converters extend the communications capacity of Vision & Control's image processing systems Vision & Control has now expanded the range of accessories available for the vision systems vicosys® and pictor®...[more]

26.04.2013 Vision & Motion – Fieldbus connectivity

Complex, modern production facilities in the automotive, electronic components, food, beverage and other similar sectors are characterized by high throughputs, numerous optical inspection, measuring and testing tasks and the...[more]

25.04.2013 Image processing for greater efficiency and sustainability

Vision & Control GmbH has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by becoming a partner in the Blue Competence initiative launched by VDMA, the German Engineering Federation (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und...[more]

06.03.2013 Endowed professorship for industrial image processing

Vision & Control GmbH sponsors the Industrial Image Processing Professorship at Ilmenau University of Technology and in doing so emphasises the close link between research and practical applications. On signing the funding...[more]

06.03.2013 Powerful dome lights with integrated electronics for fast processes

Vision & Control is currently expanding its vicolux product family to include dome lights in the SFD30/9 series with a luminous field diameter of 60 mm and a camera view of 18 mm, and also to include the SFD42/12 series with...[more]

09.01.2013 Vision & Control invites you to a partner workshop

We would like to invite you to our Development and Competence Centre in Suhl again on 13.03.2013. This event will focus on our latest developments in the vision systems, lighting and optics sectors and the company's strategic...[more]

20.12.2012 The new vcwin® pro 2.14 has arrived!

The new vcwin® pro 2.14 is now available for download. New Commands: Contrast Stretching for IR cameras„False Colors“„Camera Lighting“ for the illumination connection at pictor® T Extensions for the Hardware: new...[more]

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