06.10.2017 vicotar® Objektive T11

Bi-Telezentrische Objektive der vicotar® T11-Serie, telezentrische Objektive der neuesten Generation[more]

27.09.2017 pictor® N-Serie mit Web-Interface

pictor® N-Serie mit Web-Interface setzt neue Maßstäbe für intelligente Kameras in der industriellen Bildverarbeitung.[more]

15.12.2016 vicolux® Ring lights vicolux® from Vision & Control

New ring ligths with vicolux® smart ligth technology[more]

16.09.2016 New vicolux® DLC3005 Lighting Controller vicolux® from Vision & Control

The days are gone when a lighting controller was used merely for brightness adjustment. The latest word in lighting is vicolux® smart light.[more]

15.06.2016 vicolux® dome lighting vicolux® from Vision & Control

New dome lighting with vicolux® smart light technology[more]

25.04.2016 New flashable bar lighting

Flashable bar lighting reduces the number of product variants[more]

16.04.2016 R&D staff recruitment

The State of Thüringen provides subsidies to attract qualified staff for research and development.[more]

11.11.2015 Image processing - training and research secured at Ilmenau University of Technology

The 2014/15 winter semester saw the endowment of an Industrial Image Processing Professorship at Ilmenau University of Technology. The aim is to advance interdisciplinary training for engineers in the field of industrial image...[more]

14.10.2015 Faster, More Robust And Cheaper: New Generation Of vicosys® Multi-Camera Systems vicosys® from Vision & Control

The latest generation of multi-camera systems from Vision & Control is something to behold: it is twice as fast as the predecessor generation. The hardware platform, a robust, energy-saving embedded PC, comes with an Intel Atom...[more]

24.09.2015 Benefits Of Telecentric Lenses Even In Non-Measuring Image Processing Applications

Vision & Control is presenting a wide selection of telecentric lenses that can also be used in non-measuring image processing applications. The parallel and perspective-free principal optical path is advantageous for many...[more]

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