03.07.2017 Clear Communication – Effective Image Processing to VDI 2632

To automate complex production processes by means of image processing, you need to plan its use in advance in a structured manner. The VDI 2632 series of standards provides assistance, harmonising communication between production...[more]

30.05.2017 With other eyes – Factors that influence image processing

When two people look at the same thing, what they see is not always the same. Machine vision functions differently from human vision, which is trapped in its own special subjective perception. So, it is worth taking a closer look...[more]

23.09.2016 Selection and evaluation of telecentric lenses

The success of implementing a measurement or inspection task will depend to a large extent on specifying the correct lens. The following article provides an overview of the most important selection criteria for telecentric...[more]

08.04.2014 Applications for Telecentric Lighting

Telecentric lenses used in combination with telecentric lighting provide the most accurate results for measurement of object shapes and geometries. They make attributes such as inclusions or voids in certain glass objects visible...[more]

15.11.2013 Speed and image brightness uniformity of telecentric lenses

The correct exposure time depends on the speed of a lens. The level of brightness uniformity determines whether the same processing algorithms can be used for the entire image area. This article describes the behavior of these...[more]

07.11.2013 Measuring intensity in watts rather than lumens

What are the right wavelengths for the LED lighting on any given machine vision system?[more]

03.09.2013 Perfect Lighting Conditions

Machine vision system inspects vehicle interior lighting to ensure uniformity and absence of glare[more]

10.04.2013 An all-in-one solution

Vision systems are flooding the mechanical engineering market. All-in-one vision systems are conquering the world of automation technology and have long since become specialists suitable for series production.[more]

21.01.2013 Plug and play

The vast majority of all production systems and machines have integrated image processing systems. Up to now, however, there has been a lack of fieldbus-compatible technology to allow end-to-end interoperability. With...[more]

16.01.2013 Megapixel lenses – what resolution does my image processing application really need?

Lenses have recently increasingly been advertised with a highest possible number of megapixels. With this value, however, the attainable lens resolution cannot be evaluated, which ultimately makes it harder to choose a suitable...[more]

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